Bengkoang, Asian Secrets to Brighten Up Your Face

Bengkoang (Pachyrhizus Erosus) is a native plant of Mexico is known there by the name of 'Jicama'. In English this is called 'Yam Bean' plants. This plant is spread by the Spaniards, at first to the Philippines and then to Indonesia.

Jicama, pronounced “hee-ka-ma,” is a root vegetable native from Mexico. It is a member of the morning glory family and is related to the sweet potato, but more closely resembles water chestnuts in color, texture and flavor.

Bengkoang also known as one of the fruits which is able to care your skin to look more naturally beautiful. In fact, there is a lot of beauty products that use this fruit as the basic ingredient of their products. This is because the benefits contained in the Bengkoang are very good for treating the beauty facial . In Asia, Bengkoang is believed to make the face look more naturally fresh, without side effects.

Well, interesting isn't it ? So, you don't need to bother spending a lot of money, just to make your skin look brighter.

Brighten up the face
Bengkoang  containing pachyrhizon elements, vitamin B1 and vitamin C, which is believed can brighten the skin, especially on the face. With continuous use at least once a week, can lighten up of blemishes acne scars if you use Bengkoang as a mask.

Here is an easy way to make a mask from Bengkoang :
Choose fresh Bengkoang.
Then peeled and grated the Bengkoang .
Add a little water of roses, then used as a mask on the face.

Bengkoang  is not only used as a mask on the face but also on other body, which can give a fresh sensation.
The fresh effect of Bengkoang  will be more effective if you use it in the daytime, after an exposed of sunlight.

Eliminate black spots on the face.
Bengkoang also contains oligosaccharides which is also known as inulin, which makes it sweet when eaten. Inulin itself has been widely used as a sugar substitute, and lowering food calorie. For example, in dairy products, cream, and many more.
You can make Bengkoang extract as a face mask, that is able to reduce black spots found on the face, in addition to keeping the skin moist.

Below is an easy way to create a mask from Bengkoang :
Choose fresh Bengkoang , then peel and grate up rough
Clean your face first before apply grated Bengkoang  on your face
Rub gently and let stand about 30 minutes
Then rinse your face with fresh water.

Use this mask twice a week, also consumption the Bengkoang  as well, at least twice a month.
the extracts of Bengkoang  can also relieve itching on the skin.

Treating diabetes.
How to :
Grate some Bengkoang
Then squeeze and strain to get its water.
And drink every morning and afternoon.

Treating fever.
Bengkoang  also has a cooling effect , and it can be used to reduce fever.
Bengkoang  can be eaten directly or make it as juice, and drink it in the morning and afternoon.

Treating eczema.
How to :
Peeled the Bengkoang and eaten directly. Do it routine by four times a week.

Treating hemorrhoids.
How to :
Make the Bengkoang as a juice and drink it every morning

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